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Our team has the knowledge to explain exactly where you stand, taking into account any new laws and legislation. Once you’ve spoken with us, you’ll be confident moving forward, knowing exactly what to do next, as well as what the likelihood is of your case being successful.

We are leading experts in the area of timeshare purchases and contracts having assisted hundreds of clients. What’s more, the advice we offer is completely impartial, designed to give you a clear picture of your entire situation.


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We offer a free one-to-one consultation with an expert in timeshare contracts, giving you the chance to learn exactly where you stand. Our highly knowledgeable advisors are trained to answer every question you might have about your timeshare situation, plus they’re ready to give you the information you need to move forward.

If you’re attending a consultation, please write down any questions you might have, to ensure all your queries and concerns are answered. Please make sure you also have all details of your timeshare contract, so we can gain the information we need to provide accurate advice.


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When I lost my Mum last year, I had a rough time trying to tie up all of her affairs. It was only made worse when I was lumbered with her timeshare in America which I knew nothing about. I had no paperwork, apart from threatening letters from Westgate Vacation Club.

I was advised by another legal company that I needed to instruct a Spanish solicitor. Choosing the right experienced solicitor in the UK is hard enough, so how on earth do I choose the right one in Spain? I found Timeshare Helper on Google and after a brief consultation, I was able to speak to a legal consultant who instantly recommended Sergio. He had dealt with a lot of Westgate terminations, meaning I could gain a swift termination and as my parents were mis-sold the timeshare I even received a settlement.

I feel like a weight has been lifted. Thank you Timeshare Support Centre.

Ruth Miles

I am from Norway and I was encouraged to invest in property at Silverpoint. I thought I had a great deal. The plan was to collect dividends annually and then sell after three years, hoping to get a profit. None of this materialised.

I was then told the market had collapsed and was foolish enough to then buy another product with them, which also came to nothing. I tried to claim this back twice and lost more money and I did not know what to do. A friend recommended Timeshare Helper. I found their knowledge and care a relief, as I could now finally rest knowing exactly where I stood and what I needed to do.

I cannot thank them enough for their free advice. Their knowledge and their care have been so reassuring. Everything that they advised me would happen has happened, and they asked for nothing in return.

Einar Larsen

We originally purchased at Marriott and spent many years enjoying our timeshare, however, my wife became ill several years ago, developing mobility issues. We could no longer use our Timeshare and financially we couldn’t afford the maintenance.

We had been approached by several legal companies, all wanting us to pay upfront for legal proceedings. I contacted Timeshare Helper and felt reassured immediately by Sarah’s knowledge and expertise. As we couldn’t visit the office, Sarah arranged for us to get our documents analysed online by a really nice legal chap called Paul. We are thrilled to say that with Paul’s help we are now contract-free.

My wife and I can now enjoy retirement holidays locally in the UK, without this black cloud hanging over us anymore. Thank you Timeshare Helper.

Emily Norris


The European Commission, on 16 December 2015, adopted a Report on the evaluation of Directive 2008/122/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 14 January 2009 on the protection of consumers in respect of certain aspects of timeshare, long-term holiday product, resale and exchange contracts.


The directive provides stronger protection to consumers, covering contracts for the sale of Timeshare products* and long-term holiday products* for consumers. It applies to contracts regarding the resale* and exchange* of Timeshare/ long-term holiday products. It lays down rules regarding advertising, contractual information and pre-contractual the right of withdrawal and a ban on advance payments during the withdrawal period.

(*) please sections KEY TERMS


EU countries had to enact and apply national legislation transposing the directive by 23 February 2011.



* Timeshare contract: a contract of a duration of more than one year under which a consumer purchases the right to use accommodation on more than one occasion, typically 1 or 2 weeks each year.

* Long-term holiday product contract: a contract of a duration of more than 1 year which gives the consumer the right to discounts on accommodation or to related benefits, sometimes in combination with travel or other services.

* Exchange contract: contract under which a consumer joins an exchange system which allows him/her to temporarily swap the benefits deriving from a timeshare contract with another consumer.

* Resale contract: a contract under which a trader is paid to assist a consumer to sell or buy a timeshare or a long-term holiday product.


In good time before the consumer is bound by any contract, the trader shall provide clear, accurate and sufficient information, free of charge, using a standard form, in an official language of the consumer’s EU country.

The form should include information notably about the product (in the case of a Timeshare contract, long-term holiday product contract or an exchange contract) or the service (in the case of a resale contract), the consumer’s rights and all costs. It must state that there is a right of withdrawal and the conditions under which it may be exercised. This information is an integral part of the contract.

Any advertising should state where the information in writing can be obtained. At a sales event:

  • the invitation should clearly state the commercial purpose of the event,
  • the information package should be available to the consumer at all times,
  • a timeshare or a long-term holiday product shall not be marketed as an investment.


Before the contract is signed, the trader must explicitly draw attention to the consumer’s right of withdrawal, the withdrawal period, and the ban on advance payments. These clauses are subject to separate signatures. The contract shall include a separate standard withdrawal form, intended to make it easy to withdraw from the contract.

The consumer has the right to withdraw, without giving a reason, for 14 days from signature or receipt of the contract. This cooling-off period is extended by 3 months where the information package has not been given to the consumer, and by 1 year if the withdrawal form is not provided.

If a consumer withdraws, any contract linked to the main contract is automatically terminated at no extra cost.


No advance payment, guarantee or acknowledgement of debt to the trader or to a third party is allowed before the end of the withdrawal period. For resale contracts, no fees should be paid to a trader in advance of the actual sale.

Payments under long-term holiday contracts are to be made in equal yearly instalments. From the second instalment onwards, the consumer may end the contract without penalty by acting within 14 days of receiving the request for payment.


EU countries shall inform consumers of methods of redress under national legislation, and encourage out-of-court settlements.